Broadcasters, for over half a century, were required to serve the public interest (defined as promoting localism, diversity, and competition) in order to keep their licenses; then, in 1981, that requirement was given far less importance. Hearing Voices: Modulating a Revolution is a documentary feature film about voices allowed and voices denied, probing the connection between serving the public interest, or lack thereof, and the current state of our polarized society.

The centerpiece of the story is the cultural impact of radio in our lives. It’s significant that the idea of broadcasters serving the public interest originated with radio, but the issues raised in this documentary will lead us directly to the Internet and its inevitable future. Hearing Voices is not about our past; it’s about the world we live in right now.

Interviews are still being done for this film but already include radio veterans Larry King, Wink Martindale, Art Linkletter and Norman Corwin. Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher appears, as does media activist Malkia Cyril, and Blacklist victims Norman Lloyd, Marsha Hunt and Ivy Bethune. This film, in addition to its strong social theme, aims to be the definitive story of American radio.



heads Anthracite Films. Mike began his career as an actor, appearing on television shows All That, Beverly Hills 90210 and the film Live from Baghdad, before turning to writing and directing. His debut film, Daybreak, a dark drama set in the coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania, has been released domestically on DVD. His next film was The Poet Laureate of Radio: An Interview with Norman Corwin.


is vice president in charge of production at Anthracite Films. He joined Anthracite Films as producer of The Poet Laureate of Radio: An Interview with Norman Corwin and our current project HEARING VOICES: Modulating a Revolution. Dave is an Emmy-winning writer-producer-director for the documentary Titanic: The Final Chapter, which aired on Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV. He lives in Los Angeles where he is developing his own projects.


has had a diverse career in film including Production, Music Supervision, Audio Post-Production, and Marketing. She is the Project Coordinator for Studio Unknown in Baltimore, MD, a founding Board Member of the Annapolis Film Festival, and Supervising Staff at FILMSTERS Academy in Annapolis, MD, teaching the art of film making to students between the ages of 11 and 18 during summer months.