HEARING VOICES gets a sponsor

Anthracite Films is pleased to announce that the old-time radio preservation group SPERDVAC has come on board as an official sponsor of “Hearing Voices.” They have been steadfast supporters of this film project from the beginning and we are forever grateful for that. The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety, And Comedy (SPERDVAC) has been around since 1974 and your can learn more about them at sperdvac.com. Thank you again, SPERDVAC!


From their website:

sperdvac_logo_converted copy 2

SPERDVAC is a non-profit educational public benefit corporation with six goals:

  1. To provide the finest collection of quality radio programs that members may listen to and duplicate for their own collections.
  2. To seek out and honor the people who made radio’s “Golden Age” possible.
  3. To promote and encourage drama, variety and comedy programs—old and new—on radio today.
  4. To collect and maintain for members and other interested people, a library of radio history and to use this material in the publication of a “newsletter” or special brochures in preparation of an accurate and complete account of radio history from its earliest days to the present.
  5. To contribute to the support of non-commercial radio stations interested in and aiding the goals of the society, including broadcasting “old-time” radio programs.
  6. To alert members to trends in drama, variety and comedy broadcasting; and to publish special radio program listings and news releases to inform members and the general public.
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