We are unveiling a new title for our in-production documentary feature film about the history and power of radio: HEARING VOICES: How Radio Changed America & America Changed Radio.

Title changes are nothing new for most film projects, especially early on. As the film is developed and refined, a new title can more accurately convey the essence of the project. We believe this new title does just that.

Originally the project was called OTR (shorthand for Old Time Radio) and was to focus on the Golden Age of Radio (1926-1962). Thus the interviews focused on veterans of those magical days of network radio. But the more research and interviews proceeded it became clear that the scope would have to expand. The film was no longer just about long-past glory days, but in fact needed to cover where we are and how we got here. That story has never been told on film before. Thus, the tagline of OTR (“Radio Changed America”) moved forward to become the new title. Under this banner, Anthracite Films and Michael James Kacey conducted its most recent interviews.

Once again, the title evolved. In early 2015 it was decided that the essence of this film is better conveyed with HEARING VOICES: How Radio Changed America & America Changed Radio. Of course, you can see that the phrase “radio changed America” has been the constant on the project!

2015 promises to be a pivotal year for this project. We hope you share the journey with us! Stay tuned…

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