Larry King shares his radio memories

IMG_2815Larry King stopped in to reminisce about his extraordinary radio career that began in 1959 and included a Peabody Award for his Mutual radio call-in show for The Larry King Show in 1982. The award recognized Larry’s body of work for the entire radio series up to that time. The Peabody citation read, in part, “On Larry King Show one may expect to find topics that are meaningful, interviewees who have something to contribute, and a host who knows his business.”

To say this was a fun interview is an understatement. Incredibly personable and engaging, Larry freely shared his adventures in radio that spanned decades. One of my favorite stories was of Larry being trapped at the radio station in Miami when a hurricane suddenly reversed course and descended on him. Ever the pro, he stayed on the air! His ease at storytelling reminded me a great deal of my interview with the late great Art Linkletter.IMG_2859 - Version 2

Larry King adds much to the story of radio in America. We can’t wait to share it!

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