Filming at the Biltmore Hotel

"VFMLID=31859708"The hotel is legendary. The ambiance and vibe is breathtaking. Yes, I was thrilled to have been able to negotiate permission to film a weekend of interviews there in the 12th floor Robert F. Kennedy Boardroom. Of course it is called the Kennedy Boardroom because during the 1960 Democratic Convention held in Los Angeles this was where RFK ran things. On the first floor of the Biltmore Hotel was JFK’s command center and LBJ’s as well. Imagine the crackling political energy of those few days!

"VFMLID=47332550"Early editions of the Academy Awards took place here. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis destroyed the lobby in Ghostbusters. Many films and television shows (and commercials) use this property as a filming location.

It opened in 1923 with 1500 rooms. The Beatles stayed there in 1964 and accessed their suite from the rooftop helipad. In 1984 the International Olympics Committee was headquartered there during the Los Angeles Summer Games. Yes, this hotel has quite a long history. And we were proud to claim it for two days in November. We set up in the boardroom and created great “looks” for our interview subjects: author Marc Fisher of the Washington Post, 96-year-old blacklisted actress Ivy Bethune, and the incomparable Larry King.


The personnel at the hotel (special shout-out to Poleng Hong and Brenda Canales) were top-notch and I would not hesitate to return there for filming!

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