Ivy Bethune remembers the Blacklist

Early on the morning of November 23, 2014 actress and social activist Ivy Bethune graced us with an appearance. Blacklisted as a Communist (which she was at the time), Ivy nonetheless persevered and kept working. She was even a regular on the Superman radio series starring Bud Collyer, a leading member of the Anti-Communist crusaders.

IMG_0850 - Version 2Ivy’s on screen roles include the role of Miss Tuttle on Father Murphy (1981), Back to the Future (1985), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1988), and Get Smart (2008). Over the course of her career she has worked tirelessly for the cause of diversity. So much so that in 2002 the Tri-Union (AEA-SAG-AFTRA) Diversity Award was renamed the Ivy Bethune Diversity Award. Ivy discussed how profound the changes have been during her lifetime.

It’s also worth noting that her only daughter, the late Zina Bethune, was also a socially aware actress/ballet dancer/choreographer who was dedicated to helping children with disabilities through her foundation.

Ivy reflected on the good times and not so good times of the Red Scare and how she stayed true to herself. Her legacy with the actors unions is significant.

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